Tuesday, April 8, 2014


Creativity brings our vivid imaginative ideas into the bright light of reality. Imagination gives us ideas but if we do not transform them into reality, we are not creative. Creativity brings a new idea into existence in a mind-revealing experience of deeply heightened awareness and consciousness.
Innovation implements an idea. For innovation to flourish, we must create an atmosphere that fosters creativity. Innovation is a special combination of invention and insight, a mutual exchange of knowledge and ideas.
Creativity is the ability to perceive the world in brand new ways, to bring hidden patterns into existence and to make brilliant new connections.We live in the sparkling new age of creativity, with the high-tech information age of knowledge scientists and brilliant conceptual age of creators and artists. All people are naturally creative.
Creativity is a skill that can be developed. It starts with a fount of knowledge, as we strive to learn a particular discipline, and to master a unique way of thinking. Creativity follows its own set of rules. We are creations of God.
Creativity is the God-force speaking through us. This is creativity for God’s sake. Creativity is God's special gift to us and we honor our Creator when we use this great God-given gift for His glory. Creativity requires the innate courage and determination to throw certainties to the wind and launch out into the strange unknown.
Creativity is that rare combination that results in amazing new ideas and daring, mind-boggling innovations. We need to reach deep down into our hearts to give shape to a series of brand new ideas. There can be no creativity with formal constraints and restraints hedging us in. We need to have the freedom to break out of our shells and create new worlds to sing in.
To be creative, we must break out of previously established patterns to view things in an entirely new and totally different light. Creativity is the heart and soul of the truly enlightened scholar. When you get a hunch about what to create, that is creativity speaking to you.
The fields of imagination must be very carefully cultivated and harvested. The fires of invention must be tended with temperate caution. The fear of going wrong can be the graveyard of creativity.
Creativity constantly invents and re-invents itself in a dazzling blaze of glory. Creativity is a beautiful vision about to be born. The creative act of originality is the seed of true creativity.
Christians use the power of a sanctified imagination to enhance their creativity. The Holy Spirit sanctifies our imagination and inspires us to create new things in our minds and to notice similarities between things that are apparently dissimilar. The imagination helps us to perceive what our senses are not aware of. With the power of our imagination, we are able to see the reality that lies beyond the senses.
Every new invention started with an idea. The inventor used familiar ideas to create a new thing that did not exist before. Every talent comes from God, and when we create things, we prove beyond the shadow of a doubt that we were made in the image of our Creator.
The cleansed and sanctified imagination of a Christian has the power to perceive spiritual things in the natural world. Jesus Christ has amazing powers of spiritual penetration and moral sensitivity. 

The Christian, who is inspired by the Holy Spirit, has a purified and Spirit-controlled imagination, divinely blessed with the gift of seeing, and the supernatural power to peer beyond the veil and see the holy and eternal things that God, in His great mercy, allows to be revealed to man.
© Miriam Jacob

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