Tuesday, April 8, 2014


Wealth is the gift of God. We are accountable for the wealth God gives us. The Lord does not give us money to lead a luxurious life. It is to help the poor and needy, to promote God's ministry and for our own needs. We have to think about our needs and necessities. What are our priorities in life? Is it to become wealthy and acquire the grandest houses and a fleet of cars?

We are here on earth only for a short time. For that time, we need money to live. The more we give out, the more we get. We must never become victims of wealth. Money is not our master. God is the Master of our wealth. He controls it and releases it as He wills. We must not use any means to acquire wealth other than by the instructions in God's Word.

God is nobody's debtor. You are accountable for the exact amount of money God has given you. If you are poor, you have to account only for that. But if you are rich, you will be called to account for it on a much larger scale. When we spend our money, we must always think carefully about whether we are spending it with the permission of God. Even the food we eat, the clothes we wear, the cars we use and the money we spend on our hobbies must be in the will of God.

God gives us money to use for our needs. There is no doubt about that. What are our needs? There are so many needless things that we often think needful. We have to pray and find out the will of God in that particular matter, and before buying it, we must make sure that it is in the will of God.

There are thousands of people around us who are very poor. When we see them, what right have we to spend money to buy unnecessary things? The children of rich parents never lack anything. It is the duty of the parents to teach their children that they are born into a rich family not because of their own merit or their parents' merit but only by God's grace. From childhood onwards, children must be taught about the wise use of money. A lavish lifestyle at home will lead the children to be spendthrifts in future.

It is very important that we should divide our income into three categories: for God's kingdom, for the poor and needy, and for our personal use. If we divide our money in this manner, we will always have enough to give. God-given wealth, whether inherited or by hard work, must be used for God's glory.

© Miriam Jacob

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